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Forgotten Hill Disillusion: The Library

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Void Defense
Trader of Stories – chapter I
Jan 15, 2020


Welcome to Forgotten Hill Museum, a weird place full of mysteries, odd characters, and obscure enigmas.
We are happy to introduce you to the first chapter of Forgotten Hill Disillusion, where you will visit The Library, meet new characters, face new brain teasing puzzles and help Mr. Larson in his search for the truth.
Everything here is a puzzle, even an easy task, such as opening a bottle of wine, needs an extensive use of your grey cells...
But this is the only place where you can find the truth about Forgotten Hill, and maybe put an end to its horrors.

Do you want to have the best experience of this visit? So take some advice: never believe your eyes…

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Use your mouse to interact with objects and the environment.

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